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Drinkmate Spritzer — Excellent Holiday Gift — MyMac Holiday Gift Guide v2018.2
$80 U.S.

Guest review by Nancy

I am a Drinkmate believer. After reading lots of online discussion about the Drinkmate and after trying it, I’m in. I admire its design, ease of use, and the taste possibilities it offers.

This fabulous looking device — handsome, tailored shape with the I’m ready to party shimmering red finish — looks great on the kitchen counter and on the bar. It’s also offered in more conservative black or white. 

It is easy to use and even better, it is easy to maintain its crisp look — just rinse or wipe with water.


The Drinkmate folks are top notch product designers but NOT English majors and the enclosed written directions are not as well thought out as the rest of the product. Fortunately there are two excellent videos to assist.

The first a great 1 minute 28 second video. I recommend you put the written directions aside and go directly to the video. It quickly and clearly explains how to assemble and how to use Drinkmate. I struggled with the written directions and muddled through, but found the video to be so much easier.

The second video shows how to handle a design problem that is easily resolved IF you know what to do. The manufacturer should send users directly to the video and re-think the written material.

In addition, Drinkmate has a good, friendly Frequently asked Questions area on their website. 

Drinkmate makes very good tasting carbonated water with nice size bubbles. In Europe, people order certain carbonated waters by name because the bubbles are a certain size — less burping? We in the U.S. either haven’t developed a refined palette for bubble dimensions or have a laissez faire burp mentality. I loved the carbonated Drinkmate water with its delicate bubbles.

Now back to the good news.

Once you get through the assembly, the fun begins with lots of creative possibilities. Carbonated water offers several benefits: Are you dieting? Directing kids away from sugary drinks? Partying? Hydrating or quenching thirst in a dry or hot climate? Entertaining both alcohol imbibers and designated driver types? Drinkmate is here to help.

The possibilities are endless and to get those creative culinary thoughts going, a list of a few ideas is below.  Picture them in a clear, sparkling glass with a few ice cubes and maybe an umbrella and bright recyclable paper straw.

Pour your freshly carbonated Drinkmate water over fresh fruits, juices or spices 

Oranges and fresh mint

Peaches with raspberries




Cucumber and lime


Strawberries and blueberries muddled with a lemon slice

Strawberries and mint

Strawberries with vanilla

Fresh ginger and cinnamon

Mint leaves with orange and lime slices

I have cherry juice concentrate in the refrigerator to mix with Drinkmate bubbly water when I am in a hurry for a refresher, although I know whole fruit is better for you.

For Adult Beverages, add liquor 

Add Gin, Rum or Tequila

Lemon sour

Wine Spritzers

The company suggests you can add bubbles directly in order to “sparkle juices, iced tea or coffee, sports drinks, wine, cocktails, and more. You can even re-carbonate flat soda or beer rather than pouring it down the drain.” Lots more ideas here and here.

I give Drinkmate a 9 out of 10 MyMac Review Rating for the look, design, and taste. I rate the printed instructions, both on the box and on the enclosed printout, a lowly 2. The talented designers need to go back to work to finish their job for their customers with the same careful craftsmanship they have on their physical product.

If you do decide to add Drinkmate to your house’s small appliance repertoire, I toast to you. Hope you watch the video and enjoy the creative, refreshing fun.

Drinkmate CO2 cartridges can deliver about 120 liters of bubbly water. Cartridges cost about $70 U.S. for a pair and can be purchased at Home Depot in the U.S. and other retail locations.

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