MyMac Podcast 733: A couple of Turkeys

While this might seem like a redundant statement (the GMen being turkeys), it fits in nicely with that American holiday of over-eating, full contact shopping, and apparently being grateful for something or another. Lots of MyMac stuff as appetizers, CarPlay, analysts, and Black Friday deal fails as the main course, and all the usual after stuff for…afters. YUM!

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Article about better audio devices from Rogue Amoeba

Guy’s Pick: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Steam. Currently selling for under $20 on Steam.

Gaz’s Pick: iPhones cases from Snakehive, MacParrot on Twitter/, GazMaz on Twitter/ GuyandGaz on Twitter/

Skype +1 Area code  703-436-9501 (Pssst! Calling from the Skype app? Just dial it without the 1 at the beginning!)

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