MyMac Podcast 728: More baking, less making

Guy is still sick, but it’s adding a certain level of…Guy still being sick. Gaz fixes his mouse and Mac App Store, and the two of them talk about all kinds of Apple and Mac stuff…because that’s what they do.

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Thanks to MacJim and a link to fix my right-click!
Also a link to fix my weird trackpad
And now MyMac’s Magic Mouse works again 🙂

Guy’s Pick: Want an audio recording app with some great built-in features? Spreaker Studio which is free has not only up to four available audio in sources, it also has built-in sound effects and a way to create auto-playing playlists and intro music/outro music. If you sign up for their hosting service you can also get support for chat rooms and other features, but I like the stand-alone recording app.

Gaz’s Pick: PAKO Car chase games from tree men games they have some which are ad supported and some that are £1.99, good short good fun, you have to evade being chased in other cars there are power ups and different cars once you get past certain levels, good fun., MacParrot on TwitterGaz@mymac.comGazMaz on Twitter/ GuyandGaz on Twitter/

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