Essential Apple Podcast 106: Teething troubles & falling down

Recorded 30th September 2018

Sorry it’s late – life and work kind of intervened… Also sorry about last week – neither Donny or I were feeling up to scratch so we decided that if we both felt ill it was best to just abandon it. Meanwhile the stories kept piling up – an awful lot of it “security and privacy’ related to be honest.
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On this week’s show:


  • @Spligosh on Twitter, and an occasional guest on Bart Buschotts’ Let’s Talk Apple


  • @oceanspeed, occasionally puts Essential Apple videos on YouTube which isn’t the same as the Podcast Channel


  • What cardiologists think about the Apple Watch’s heart-tracking feature – The Washington Post
  • News: Doctors raising concerns that Apple Watch ECG feature could lead to needless anxiety – iLounge
  • THIS ONE GAVE US A LAUGH Apple Watch fall detection might get you arrested – Cult of Mac
  • The first iOS 12.1 public beta with Group FaceTime is available right now – BGR
  • Apple is quietly giving people ‘trust scores’ based on their iPhone data – The Independent
  • Apple iOS 12 Has A Serious Problem – Forbes Magazine — the Slack wasn’t convinced by this and nor was I but..
  • Some iPhone X users report major display color and contrast changes in iOS 12: Digital Photography Review
  • If you are sad your Mac is just a touch too old for Mojave and feel brave…. Mojave Patcher for officially unsupported Mac
  • Mojave ‘still full of security holes’ despite promises of tougher protections – IT Pro


  • For Over A Month Hackers Stole Credit Card Data From New Egg Customers As They Made Purchases – Joseph Steinberg
  • Mobile Privacy: What Do Your Apps Know About You? – Symantec
  • How to protect your phone or computer when crossing borders – ProtonMail Blog
  • A New California Bill Would Require Better Passwords for Internet of Things Devices – Slate
    • California just became the first state with an Internet of Things cybersecurity law — The Verge
  • With Apple and now Microsoft taking a vocal leadership position on human rights and privacy, it seems that this may become table stakes going forward for other companies. – Ben Bajarin
  • Facebook security breach: Up to 50m accounts attacked – BBC News
    • The Facebook Security Meltdown Exposes Way More Sites Than Facebook – Wired
  • Facebook reportedly avoids US government wiretap of Messenger voice calls – The Verge


    • Multimillion pound ‘cyber force to be launched in Britain’ – The Independent


  • Internet Arcade : Free Software : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming – Internet Archive
  • This Shortcut Lets You Download YouTube Videos on Your iPhone Straight from the Source, No Shady Services Needed – iOS & iPhone – Gadget Hacks
  • A Twitter thread with a host of “did you know” tips in it… Twitter and related to it this article
  • That Fishing game… Fisher Tycoon

Nemo’s Hardware Store (45:29)

  • iPhone X / XR / XS Max – Silk – Smartish Products
  • Premium Smartphone Cases, Watch Bands & Accessories – Case-Mate

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