Essential Apple Podcast 101: iMac is 20!

Recorded 18th August 2018

This week I am joined by Nick Riley (@spligosh) and Vic Hudson (Pocket Sized Podcast, Bubblesort Podcast and more) and despite some initial technical difficulties we discuss the iMac’s 20th Birthday, Facetime Group Calls getting delayed, Ming Chi Kuo predictions, robot cars, Apple’s data centre in Arizona, the Hacky Hack Hack, why the ARM roadmap might mean a non Intel Mac is more likely, a bucketful of security stories and more…
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On this week’s show:



  • 20 years of the iMac at Ars Technica, in reviews and pictures – Ars Technica
  • Group FaceTime delayed until later this fall – Six Colors
  • Kuo: AR glasses coming in 2020, Apple Car launch 3-5 years later – 9to5 Mac
  • New photos show depths of Apple’s expanding Mesa, Ariz. data center – Apple Insider
  • High school student hacked into Apple servers and downloaded 90GB of ‘secure files’ – 9to5 Mac
    • Apple says no customer information involved in hack by Australian teen – AppleInsider


  • Invisible Mouse Clicks Let Hackers Burrow Deep into MacOS – WIRED
  • Hackers can compromise your network just by sending a Fax – The Hacker News
  • Verizon Didn’t Bother to Write a Privacy Policy for its ‘Privacy Protecting’ VPN – Motherboard
  • AP Exclusive: Google tracks your movements, like it or not – AP News
    • Leaving “Web & App Activity” on and turning “Location History” off only prevents Google from adding your movements to the “timeline,” its visualization of your daily travels.
  • Turns out iOS 12 isn’t safe from ‘brute force’ iPhone unlockers – Cult of Mac
    • Bit late on this one CoM and from what I heard on the Magnet AXIOM Forensics Webinar earlier this month – that statement’s not 100% true either.


  • ARM announces Client CPU roadmap – ARM
    • ARM’s future CPUs said to outperform Intel chips; if so, look for ‘em in future Macs – Apple World Today
    • The year Windows died at home and nobody cared – ZDNet


For things that are not worth more than a flypast

  • Robot cars start delivering groceries in Arizona – The Verge


  • Protecting Your Data From Camera to Archive – Backblaze Blog
  • AirPower Clone Hits the Market for a Fraction of Apple’s Reported Cost – Inverse

Nemo’s Hardware Store (xx:xx)

  • No Hardware Store this week as John is on holiday

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