MyMac Podcast 713: Unusual Expected Weirdness

A loooooong delay while we worked on some technical issues on Gaz’s side, but we narrowed it down to three things. Hardware, software, or the internet. So should be easy to narrow down from there. Speaking of the internet, Skype used to be awful, now it’s horribly, unspeakably, Micheal Myers kind of bad. Apple will finally use it’s own data for maps because that can’t go wrong, There either is or isn’t a brute force hack of iOS (there isn’t), and someone in Canada can’t figure out that scratch resistant isn’t scratch proof because he’s really dumb.

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Macstock Conference and Expo!

Guy’s Pick: Magnet by Crowdcafe Software ()

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Pocket Run Pool. Little IOS game I’ve been enjoying this week 3.99for the unlocked no ads game.

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