Essential Apple Podcast 91: It’s all about the software…

Recorded 10th June 2018

Well this week it has been all about WWDC and that was all about the software. I am joined by iOS developer WeyHan Ng to talk about all that and a few other stories too. Extra special thanks to Han for being a real trouper after someone forgot to push the record button… (What a numpty!)
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On this week’s show:


  • On Twitter as @weyhan
  • On GitHub as weyhan
  • Contributes to WWDC Video downloader
  • iOS Developer who goes by handle the Eccentric iOS developer
  • Used to go by the name Han…


  • WWDC – Keynote and State of the Union
    • Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2018 in Six Minutes – Mac Rumors
      • macOS Dark Mode
      • Apple News (yes!), Stocks (meh!), Voice Memos (OK), and Home (many people will welcome that) Even better this means iOS App portability coming next year…
        • Apple’s Software Chief Details How iOS Apps Will Run on Macs – Wired
      • Desktop Stacks – Automatic organizing of desktop files into kinds (images, documents, etc.). You click on a stack to expand it.
      • Metal – Metal is being beefed up with more scaling features.
      • Create ML – Developers can use Metal to harness their GPU and make their own machine learning tools.
      • File Vault Improvements – File Vault security protections will be extended to more areas of macOS in Mojave.
      • Gallery View – A new Finder view that combines the carousel thing Apple has tried to make us want for years, but coupled with a solid preview pane and a pane for metadata.
      • Quick View Update – Mac users will be able to use Markup right from the Quick View in the Finder.
      • Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention Improvements – Safari will prevent social network sharing buttons and comment engines from tracking you without permission.
      • Group FaceTime calls – Video chat with up to 32 of your favorite people.
      • Continuity Camera – Use the camera on your iPhone directly from your Mac for photos and scanning!
      • iOS UI Kit – A set of frameworks that will make it easier to port iOS apps to macOS. Developers can do it starting in 2019, while Apple is starting it with the four apps mentioned above.
      • New Mac App Store – Apple is giving the Mac App Store some much needed love. It will have a redesigned interface that includes some of the discoverability features that have been added to the iOS App Store.
    • 8 ways macOS Mojave is going to make your Mac much better – Stuff
      • 5: IT’S MUCH EASIER TO RECORD YOUR SCREEN – iOS style screen shot HUD makes it a lot easier to capture screen shot. Here is a demo
    • 32 bit apps are safe for a final year – 9to5 Mac
    • iOS 12
      • iOS 12 – Ars Technica
      • iOS 12 perfomance improvements
      • Siri Shortcuts (a massively under realised potential???)
      • Shared AR and persistent experiences and more
      • Group Facetime Video
      • Animoji and Memoji
      • Digital wellbeing with “Screen Time” (bleh… but I suppose they had to to it)
        • WWDC 2018: Tech Addiction and the Paradox of Apple’s ‘Screen Time’ Tools – Wired
  • Everything Apple Announced at WWDC Is Free – Here’s a Complete List – The Mac Observer


  • Instapaper is STILL unavailable for users in Europe – but Pocket are there for you… Pocket
  • Iconic Yahoo Messenger will shut down after 20 years – Cult of Mac


  • Hacked: 92 Million Account Details for DNA Testing Service MyHeritage – Motherboard
  • Russian Router Malware Just Got Much Worse: What to Do – Tom’s Guide



Nemo’s Hardware Store

  • As usual during WWDC everyone was too distracted to send Nemo anything – so no store this week.

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