Geekiest Show Ever 284 – Lipstick on a Guy

This week we have a special guest in Elisa’s absence. We had to find someone impressive to fill her shoes and we think we did, by dragging in, sorry we mean welcoming Guy Serle of our sister podcast the MyMac show.

Next we move into Kevin’s rant about the battery life indicator in iOS 11.3 and he calls BS on it. Guy and Melissa talk him back from the edge a bit. Next is Guy’s topic and the discussion on will Apple move to ARM processors in the Mac. Guy explains his thoughts and how he has maybe changed his mind on the topic. We meander around a bit before Melissa brings us back on topic about the Mac Pro and it being not delayed until 2019.

In our picks we start with Guy and he has a choice near and dear to his heart a microphone, Electro-Voice RE320 Vocal and Instrument microphone. Next is Mike with his insatiable need to game on every platform available he chooses the PS 4 Pro for his on Virtual Reality world. Maybe to get away from us. Then Melissa is up next with the new 2018 iPad. Even though she just bought one in November, not that she is bitter about that. Lastly Kevin goes off the technology reservation and chooses a new N-Scale train set from Bachmann, The Empire Builder.

One last thing we round out the show with a plug for the upcoming MacStock 2018 conference were you can meet Guy Serle in person and hug him if you want.

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