MyMac Podcast 692: That AI is CRAZY

You can call me Al, but there’s no point as we’re talking about A.I. Artificial Intelligence, not Aladdin or Chevy Chase from a popular song from many years ago. But Wait! There’s MORE! Chromebooks, HomePods, OS Updates that Guy STILL can’t do, and Apple Buses being attacked.

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Intro music by DJ Quads. Check out his music in iTunes and Soundcloud.

Scrolling down through a Safari Page do you use the down arrow, well try it with the CTRL or the Option button then try it with the CMD button

IBM AI to predict those on the verge of potential psychosis. Heck, just round up 80% of those doing podcasts and call it a day

EVERYONE IS BUYING CHROMEBOOKS! Wait sorry, nearly every tech company is producing Chromebooks. How many are buying them is to be determined.


HomePod disables Siri when the owner is away

HomePod ships without Multi-Room Stereo feature

Apple release Meltdown patches for older Macs

Apple Shuttle Busses attacked!

Guy’s Pick: Rogue Amoeba’s Farrago sound clip program is now out. Currently $39 which is $10 off the regular price

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Black Mirror 4 series on Netflix

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