MyMac Podcast 691: Call Micronesia

What does the Empress Wu Zetian, leap years, and Beretta shotguns have in common? Guy’s wife leaves him…again, but he has a big ass heavy backpack to keep him company, Gaz’s iMac seems slow, Apple will pay more in tax in a single day that no single person ever will probably pay in their lifetimes. Also is Apple falling behind and Sir Jonny speaks!

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So all that oversea’s money is coming home, well we thinks it’s all going home, and whats going to happen to all that dosh.

We quite like this news, but it does make us wonder on a wider scale if Apple are just dropping behind when it comes to Car Kit and HomeKit and Siri, other companies seem to be taking a lead, and some of those leads could be quite large making it hard for Apple to then get a foot back in the door.

Jonny Ive on the Future of Design

Guy’s Pick: Orca Tactical SALISH 40L MOLLE Large 3-Day Army Military Survival Backpack Bug Out Bag Rucksack Assault Pack  HUGE backpack

Gaz’s Pick/Tip:

Taking a look at this one

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