Geekiest Show Ever 279 – Showdown at High Sierra

This week’s episode is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. We start as always with the weather (which for Kevin might be bad).

Then we move on the good. Elisa updates on her Apple Watch saga that will end with her getting a new watch. After that things get ugly. Elisa tells us about her attempt to update to High Sierra (believe me no hilarity ensues). After 4 hours on the phone with Applecare there are still no answers. The tale will continue.

After all that we decide to do some therapeutic shopping. In spite of everything Elisa is still going to stick with Apple and get the iPhone X . Next Melissa takes a stand …. At a desk. The Omega DENALI Adjustable Height Standing Desk to be exact. Then Mike decides to say to heck with it and start playing games on a CyberPowerPC Game Master Desktop Gaming PC

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