Essential Apple Podcast 66: It’s Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Mark’s WhingeCast

Recorded 3rd December 2017

Well what a week – terrible security gaffe by Apple, some semi bungled patches to fix it, a problem for some with iOS having a hissy fit over December 2nd for some reason… and well, we are now into December so it’s starting to feel a lot like ChristMaz (geddit) and Mark’s breaking down under the stress of it all…

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On this week’s show:

  • Simon and the SSD saga…


  • The “root” account debacle
  • Major Authentication Security Flaw Reported in macOS High Sierra [Update] — Intego
  • Apple closes that big root hole – “Install this update as soon as possible” — Sophos
  • Apple Says It’s Auditing Development Processes in Wake of Mac Root Access Flaw – Mac Observer
  • Repair File Sharing after Security Update 2017–001 for macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 — Apple
  • High Sierra Root Login Bug Was Mentioned on Apple’s Support Forums Two Weeks Ago – Daring Fireball
  • iOS 11 Takes A Huge Leap, Trading The OS Security With User Convenience – Wccftech


  • FDA Approves First Apple Watch EKG Band – The Mac Observer
  • Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV beta testing by employees underway, release date still unknown – AppleInsider
  • ‘Project Rome’ makes Microsoft Cloud the OS for everything — Windows Central


  • U.K. lawsuit aims to win British iPhone users $1.35 billionor more from Google – Digital Trends

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