MyMac Podcast 668: Extraction Distraction

For one week anyway, Guy and Gaz manage to record a podcast. Guy has had two teeth removed by an actual dentist and not by someone he managed to get mad at him and Gaz is really busy doing work and home stuff. Also his purple line issue is resolved. Why won’t Apple join the Advanced Mobile Location platform, Amazon wants to make food that doesn’t spoil, and the iPad’s Smart Connector doesn’t seem to connect to all that much.

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Guy’s Pick: Pretty good Podcasting microphone for well under $50. The Knox UM01 which is $39 on Amazon. Includes a terrible desk stand and both a USB cable and XLR cable.  KNOX UM01

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: The refurb store at Apple, I know they are not making them anymore but I snapped up a couple of TimeCapsules and am hoping that I’ll be able to utilise the AC WiFi capability.

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