MyMac Podcast 661 and 662: Twofers

Well for probably the only time in the history of the MyMac Podcast, you get two shows on the same day! Just not recorded on the same day, or with the same people, or is the same way. Look do you want the podcasts or not??? Thought so!

MyMac Podcast 661: NanoBites and Road Sites

Well the road experiment did work, sorta and we had Gaz on for the first section. Half the time he couldn’t hear us though. So after that, Guy talks to his son Peter and his video partner Jake in creating original content on YouTube on their Nano Bites page. It was all about how they create this content on their Macs. A weird blend of serious and wacky.

Download show 661 here

Guy’s Pick: No tips
Gaz’s Pick/Tip: We said, no tips
People’s Pick: Darn it! NO TIPS
Nano Bites link

MyMac Podcast 662: On the Road, Still!

Guy is heading back from his vacation, white socks and sandals and all, so Gaz roped in Karl from the Mac&Forth show, they go through all the usual stuff and chat about Karl’s iMac and their use of iPads in the middle section, Gaz’s tip is a Menu Bar Wonder , well sorta!

Guy’s Pick: No Guy this week

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Apple’s Pages App

Karl’s Pick’s: iTunes UK Essential Movies (every Monday) – AR Video’s 


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