Essential Apple Podcast 47: Guests Galore!

Recorded 25th June 2017

Yes! Proving that we are actually a “proper grown up podcast” Simon hosts, not one, not two, but THREE guests as @Spligosh and @Dougee join him to wander through the week’s tech tomfoolery and his daughter Ruth drops in to voice her opinion on the Snapchat Maps furore…

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On this week’s show:

  • New Snapchat maps feature criticised by police over safety concerns –  Flipboard
  • Microsoft had some Windows 10 source code leaked – Gizmodo
  • MPs lose access to emails in cyber attack on Parliament – The Telegraph
  • Virgin tell 0.8 million customers to change their router and WiFi passwords – Zdnet
  • Virgin Mobile US goes iPhone only and offers a $1 deal – 9 to 5 Mac
  • Nik update their plugins to 64 bit after users panic that 64 requirements from Apple meant end of days for them – DPreview
  • Astro AI powered email client/manager with Priority Inbox, Unsubscribe, Snooze, Send Later, Email Tracking, managing your email is simple and fast. Astro is currently in Public Beta and available for Office 365 and Gmail email addresses – Hello Astro
  • Google will stop scanning your Gmails for ad personalization – Cult of Mac
  • Simon installed ProtonVPN

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