MyMac Podcast 658: Should I stay or should I go?

Lots of products that haven’t been updated and WWDC right around the corner. Should have been an interesting topic but it ended up not so much. No matter when Frisian still provides lots of entertainment value!

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Softorino’s WALT2 App


Adam Curry makes a Pro Podcasting bit of kit

Fake smokes can bring real problems!

Touch-a Touch-a, Touch me!

Apple Pizza, not sure about that.

Apple have added some more video’s to the how to shoot on iPhone7 page.
Apple’s market cap has eclipsed the city of Chicago’s real GDP

Ummm how much time does Jonny spend at Apple?

Just made me laugh Trump’s iPhone has one app: Twitter (Not political folks just funny, oh and by the way we in the UK do a lot of political satire)

There’s always one isn’t there!

Guy’s Pick: Levelator by The conversations network. AWESOME program for podcasters especially with multiple tracks! FREE!

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: So I got fed up of not having a clock on my desk top so I bought one from the Mac App store and I like it, the name of the App is UBClock. it sits on your desktop and over any apps you have running, it has various faces, can be made transparent, you can adjust the colours, whether it has a digital face or not, it’s simple, it cost a whole £0.99p (or $0.99cents) so if you’ve been looking for a clock for your desktop well go take a look at this one.

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