MyMac Podcast 657: Guyless just Guyless

All the podcasts and analysts are getting excited about WWDC, but here on the MyMac podcast we’re not lowering ourselves to that sort of informative level.

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Softorino’s WALT2 App


Great article about how Apple gets compared to others companies seemingly in the same industry but oh so different.

Latest updates from Apple

OK OK I said I wouldn’t talk about it but if you want to hear about some of the possible releases go here

Guy’s Pick: Guys not here!

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: I’ve picked it before I’ll probably pick it again but it’s Automator, just go and find a multitude of Automator YouTube videos and crack the lid open of this great application/tool, I’ve put two links one is a straight forward service that Don McAllister shows you how to ReScale an image and a overview/tutorial, get over the guy at the start and your away.
Don’s Tip

Jame’s Pick: Controversial pick – Microsoft Office for iOS, mainly Excel

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