MyMac Podcast 656: Analysts agree with Gaz

Whether to be be smiling wisely and frightened beyond measure, many analysts are agreeing with Gaz that Apple’s interest in cars is as a service, not in the actual manufacturing of automobiles. Bloomberg wants to talk about tables, Apple makes a big glass out of itself with Corning, and sure, let’s give big government agencies backdoor access because based on the current ransomware they’re SO good at keeping it secret.

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Softorino’s WALT2 App

Bloomberg writes article related to Apple’s growth, but talks about tables

Apple tries to make big glass out of itself with it’s first award in $1B fund

And these were the people you wanted Apple to give a backdoor in iOS to?

Guy’s Pick: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Steam.  $39.99

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Been looking for a journal on my IOS device and the Mac at the moment it looks like Day One is the App everyone is shouting about, but I’m trying the free version of the App Reminisce which has an in App Purchase to get the full App of 2.99 on IOS and 4.99 for the Mac, so a really great price. The thing with these Apps are you really have to give them a good try before settling on them. So I’ll let you know how I get on but so far so good.

People’s (TIP): nope

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