MyMac Podcast 639: FakenewsBlitzaggenTrumpocolypsegate

A weird show with a weird title that we have a terrible time pronouncing. We’ve got articles from MyMac and all over the Apple web since Apple can’t apparently make anything new for us to talk about. Like iPhone production reduction, Tim’s visit to Wall Street, Apple sued for driver stupidity, and AirPods condoms!

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Apple Reducing iPhone Production by 10%
So did Tim visit the stock exchange to reassure investors knowing what was happening re the 10% iPhone drop?
AirPods a runaway success…. Not for me they’re not!
This isn’t new we are just confirming, it happens every year from memory
Apple sued over a driver using FaceTime in a fatal accident

Guy’s Pick: Animationist by Synium Software. Currently $24.99 at the Mac App Store. Fun way to create text and logo animations. Pick your size, text, pictures and have them zoom all over the place like a Bad Robot logo before a Star Trek movie.
Gaz’s Pick: SpaceTeam a fun collaborative team game, a great hoot 🙂 Free with in App purchases.

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