Geekiest Show Ever 244 – Need U to Play

We went from full force to just 50% this week with just Mike and Kevin.

A big thank you right off the top to Guy from The MyMac podcast for the help he gave Kevin in getting up and running with Audio Hijack. It was a fun and geeky playdate.

This week since Mike and Kevin are left on their own they go back to an old favorite, gaming. Kevin talks about something new he has discovered and wants. It is the GB Boy Colour, this is a reproduction of the original Gameboy Color. Then we discuss the Xbox 360 Kevin got and the new Nintendo Switch that Mike is tempted to buy.

We close out with our picks. Kevin is looking for the ultimate in a sleep experience and wants to make it hi-tech, so he choses a Sleep Number bed. For his pick, Mike wants to build a new family room or man cave in his basement. He thinks for the $5,000 limit he can get it done.

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