Geekiest Show Ever 242 – Just a Picture of Her Tech Folks

Yes we are back but, we are down a host. Elisa is under the weather in more ways than one and we cover that in the weather report.

We start with a discussion of some things we received at Christmas. Kevin loves his Amazon Tap. That evolves into our different music streaming services. Then back to the things we got or gave our family and friends for Christmas.

Then Melissa finally got her new MacBook Pro and shares with us her delivery woes getting it. After that we try to help her solve the issues she is facing with an upcoming trip. Mike and Kevin give her some ideas to help. Then we discuss battery life of our gadgets because Melissa is a bit ADD about charging.

We wrap it up with our picks. Melissa decides her new MacBook is her pick and if she had the extra cash she would buy Kevin one. Mike decides on a last minute pick is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Kevin mentions Mark’s new iPad Pro before sharing his pick of a quiet 2 week retreat into the Mountains of Tennessee. We round out with Melissa’s PSA.

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