MyMac Podcast 636: Moving to new updates

Short show because there’s no Gaz, just Guy this week. Gaz isn’t here since there’s moving stuff happening. Guy talks briefly about the new updates for macOS and iOS and generally seems lonely (aww sad face). Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAZ!

Happy Birthday, Gazi
Happy Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Gazi
Happy Birthday.
Happy B-day, Gazi
Happy Happy B-day
Happy B-day Gazi
Oh yeah.
Feliz cumpleaños, Gazi
My dog says woof woof to you Gazi
My dog says arooooou!
Gazi, Birthday, Birthday Gazi
Happy B-Day, Happy B-Day, Gazi
Feliz cumpleaños, Gazi yeah.

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Hyperdrive USB-C Hub

Guy’s Pick: Tracktion 5 DAW free to download and use from They also have a version that you can download and use if you’ve recently purchased certain audio devices like say a mixer from Behringer called the T-6 and even their flagshipp DAW the T-7 can be had for as little as $60.
People’s (TIP) Pick: Clive Hammett. For those who are moaning about the lack of ports on the new Mac book pro, check this out HyperDrive USB Type-C 5-in-1 Hub with Pass Through Charging (for 2016 MacBook Pro & 12″ MacBook)

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