MyMac Podcast 621: What’s Old is New Again

Gaz is back but about 3 seconds slower than usual. After taking a day off to wait for his ISP to get their heads out of their posterior, they talk a bit about the upcoming Apple event and whether or not an old Mac may fit your life better than a new one.

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Long time listener and contributer Mark Sheppard has a GoFundMe page to help with expenses for his Dad and his health problems. If you can, please visit the page and give what you can. The GMen wish Mark and his family all the best.

Guy’s App Pick: Macs don’t get viruses right? Probably, but we can get malware and other pesky bits that can be annoying and dangerous. So what to do? Well, Malwarebytes for the Mac can help with that. It’s fast, free, doesn’t run all the time eating up resources and seems to do just what it says. Remember though as I said, it doesn’t run all the time which means you have to initiate it.
Gaz’s App Pick:  $4.95 single-user license $9.95 family pack AudioBookBuilder
People’s Pick: Nicholas Riley WEQ4U – a UK centric iPhone app that does what it says on the tin!

You use the app to ring call centres (usually 0345 numbers) and once you are put on hold you dial 9* and WEQ4U rings off. You leave the app open which re-establishes a connection once an agent answers your call. The display shows how long you are queuing and tells you it is connecting you by changing the display.

Best of all – you are only using your normal phone allowance and not paying a premium rate to whoever you are calling.

Best app I’ve downloaded in ages

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