How add-ons can help protect your computer

The world is connected through the Internet where millions of users have access to the same sites and in some ways to each other. When you use your Mozilla Firefox to explore the Internet you are putting yourself in danger unless you have proper security on your home computer. There are different ways of securing a computer while using Firefox. It is very wise to use the add-ons that are meant to give you a higher level of safety when browsing the net. Today the most common fear of internet users is to be exposed to hackers who find sensitive information and use it to steal an identity or money, but there is also a great need for staying clear of fraudulent sites and illegal activity.

Install Web of Trust

One of the add-ons that is highly recommended is Web of Trust that was launched many years ago. This is a script that has evolved and is now used by over 130 million users. The users help each other stay clear of dangerous websites by reporting them. When websites are rated by so many people you get a clear picture of which sites are not recommended to visit. This is a good way to stay away from tricky websites that could pose a threat to your personal security and lead to unnecessary worry.

Web of Trust is suitable for Firefox but can also be downloaded for Chrome and other browsers if you need this type of protection for multiple browsers.

Keep the hackers out

You can also use special add-ons that are made to make it impossible for hackers to read the information moving between your computer and the server it is communicating with. While a hacker might find your activity, they will not be able to get their hands on the actual details that are there! There are different types of add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and other browsers that can do this job and you should pick the one that fits your specific needs and requirements the best.

Since it can be hard to know if your computer has been tracked it makes a lot of sense to simply keep the hackers at bay, by not allowing them in. To Installing an add-on that does this is so quick, it is really a no-brainer.

Keep your computer safe with the kids

You might also want to look into add-ons that will block inappropriate content from your computer. Adult, criminal and other dangerous sites will be filtered out automatically so that you can protect your computer from kids letting in mal-viruses that often come from these types of websites.

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