MyMac Podcast 612: David Coulthard’s Jaw

Mark Chappell of the Essential Apple Podcast joins Gaz and Guy for a little more than a hour of confusion. This may be the first time they’ve actually recorded more “not in the show” than “show”! They go all over the map about Siri on the Mac, on the iPhone, and on the AppleTV. Fun, fun!

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Guy’s App Pick: iTube Studio from iSkysoft. $29.00 lifetime license. Free trial available.
Gaz’s App Pick: Still use for photo’s (not to write comics) and I still like this App, ComicLife, a different way to put a photo set together. £22.99 or there is an upgrade price £17.50 if you have a previous version, but that’s from the website only, but they do give you a multiple users option
Mark’s App Pick: Workflow $2.99 £2.29

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