MyMac Podcast 565: Do iPods still make sense?

Gaz and Guy are back in studio (on two different continents but in studio) and have a lot to talk about. Like car races, past tech conferences, using binoculars to take pictures with phones, and some Apple tech stuff which works out well since that’s what they’re supposed to talk about anyway. With phones now so ingrained in our lives and performing multifunctional roles, does it matter much when Apple releases new music players? That’s the main topic for the GMen this week.

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Gaz’s Pics (mostly clean)
Phone mount for binoculars
Fixing that pesky duplicate name problem in the Finder
Guy’s App Pick: Quip. Free from the Mac App Store and online
Gaz’s App Pick:Downcast $2.99

One thought on “MyMac Podcast 565: Do iPods still make sense?

  1. I use 2 iPod Touches beside my iPhone 6-plus, connected to different DACs with headphone amps – connected by the Lightning port. This allows a lot of testing and other things because the amps inside of the iPods are totally bypassed through the digital connection. Now that could be done with Nanos as well, except that iOS apps such as parametric equalizers are needed and don’t run on Nanos. I wouldn’t want to have multiple iPhones for this purpose because of the extra expense.

    There is a huge market for pocket music players, which can do things with resident music files that are impossible on the Cloud or whatever. The list is endless. Apple will give up that huge market if it drops iPods. Think about it for a moment – would you want to have to pay money to stream your songs from the Cloud to a pocket music player when you already have those songs on your computer? Maybe if music is just a secondary concern for “background” sound like Mantovani in the 1960’s or Michael Buble in the 2000’s, but real musicphiles need the tracks here and now.

    One sad fact of the latest-gen iPod Touches is not only the poor battery life, but the battery meters have never worked right and keep trying to shut down early.

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