MyMac Podcast 545: It’s all about me (Well Guy at least)

We’re doing the NosillaCast Podcast for Allison on the 15th of March! How will it go? Anyone’s guess, but the smart money is on funny train-wreck. Apple’s instructions for the iBook Store still confuses Guy, but what doesn’t? Gas is super excited about the new Photos app still. Somehow or another a discussion off air about Captain Scarlett and the Mysterions leads to an on-air talk about the rumored Apple iCar or whatever the heck people are calling non-existent products from Apple these days.

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Captain Scarlett and the Mysterions!
Guy’s App Pick : Audio Converter Pro 6.99. Great app for converting audio from one format to another. I needed it to convert a bunch of MP3s/ AACs to Apple’s CAF format for inclusion into GarageBand. Drag and drop simplicity. I’m sure there’s other free ways to do the same thing, but I had over 500 files to do it with and didn’t want to do them one at a time.
Gaz’s Pick: Color Strokes
People’s Pick: none this week

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