Kontrast Action Camera Case – Review

Kontrast Action Camera Case
Manufacturer: Case Logic
MSRP: $39.95
Case Logic


The attractively priced Kontrast Action Camera Case by Case Logic is about the size of a small shoe-box. It is made primarily to hold action cameras such as the GoPro and its related accessories. However, this case can be used for many other uses, photographic or not.

When I go on a photographic outing, I usually want my camera in-hand and accessible, but I have to carry my large pack because of the other gear I often need. With the Kontrast case, I can just take along a point-and-shoot, a spare lens, and a few accessories. The DuraBase bottom of the case is sturdy plastic so it won’t be damaged if the case sits on a wet or rough surface. This also makes the case reassuringly solid.

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I used to keep all the bits and pieces I use when I shoot at home on a shelf. Here’s why I especially like this case—I can now store this stuff in the Kontrast case for grab-and-go simplicity. The four padded dividers in the case have Velcro edging so it’s easy to arrange things to fit your gear. The case includes a zippered mesh container for extra batteries and smaller accessories. Inside the cover are two small, covered pockets for SD cards, a larger pocket for a cable or filters, and a large zippered pocket. Storing my gear in this case simplifies my photographic life.

The Kontrast case weighs 13 ounces (.37k) and is 10-1/2 inches (27cm) wide. It has a comfortable strap on top so I find it very convenient to carry. If you have lots of lenses and other gear, this case isn’t for you but if you tend to carry just a few photographic items with you and want to store them in this case when you are at home, this is a perfect solution.

How much you like the Kontrast case will depend entirely on the amount of gear you typically carry. If this case fits your uses, as it does mine, it earns a rare MyMac Review rating of 10 out of 10.

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