Mac Podcast #509: Soccerless

Neither Guy nor Gaz talk about the World Cup or soccer except for where they do. Skype as usual acts up in each segment of this week’s show, but that doesn’t stop Gaz and Guy from their usual hijinks. Greg Holdsworth is bringing back his podcast, “Your Own Victory Garden after a nearly 4 year absence! Why did he stop? What will the new show be like? You’re going to have to listen to find out.

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Your Own Victory Garden
Contributing blogger/writer at
Your Own Victory Garden Podcast

Guy’s App Pick: Modern Conflict by Gaijin Entertainment $1.99 
Gaz’s App Pick: Mines ordered 🙂 $199 or £159 UK
Greg’s Pick: YouTube To MP3 Converter (OSX) From MediaHuman, Free Garden Compass Plant, Pest & Disease Identifier (iOS) From TeamSOA, Inc., Free

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