MyMac Podcast #505: Red vs Blue (or Black or Green)


James Turner joins the GMen in a rollicking show that quickly and somewhat willfully gets completely out of control practically from the very start. Gaz has problems with a Time Machine, Guy has a blank screen, and James is questioning his life choice of coming on to podcasts with weirdos. OH and there was some useful bit and hard drives.

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Guy’s App Pick: Video Editor Pro by David Team. $29.99. Looking for a multi-track video editor with a small footprint that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? If your needs are relatively light, give Video Editor Pro a try. Multi-track drag and drop editing, crop tools, some text tools, and so on. Nothing too fancy, but it works well. Lacking in some of the basic onscreen tools (like splitting a clip which requires a keyboard shortcut) but for $30 it will most likely meet all your basic needs PLUS it accepts a lot of different formats without the need to convert them first.
Gaz’s App Pick: WhatSize £10.49.There are alternatives, go to this link if you want to try some
James Pick: Monument Valley $3.99. A puzzler of “monumental” proportions! (yeah I went there)

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