Techsafe Cable Lock System

Techsafe Cable Lock System
Price: $29.99 U.S.


It was a great relief to find that the Techsafe Cable Lock System performs exactly as advertised. The combination lock works with a clip that slips through the hinge that connects a laptop monitor to its keyboard. Because the flat side of the clip rests against the display, my initial thought was,  “Go carefully because if this isn’t in place correctly, you’re going to destroy the screen.” Some people like to say that worry is like a rocking chair because it doesn’t get you anywhere, but I that’s never stopped me. In this case, I went slowly but found my concerns were needless.

The lock comes with clear instructions and three different sized clips along with diagrams showing the most common laptop-hinge configurations. The clips are clearly numbered and are paired with the laptop models they can be used for. Once the clip is in place, you anchor the cable to a table or other secure object, close the lid of the computer, connect the combination lock to the backside of the clip, and scramble the numbers to lock.

It takes longer to explain the steps than to perform them. I suspect it also sounds far more complicated to read than it is to do. I found that if my screen was perpendicular to the keyboard, I couldn’t get the clip through, but if I tilted it backward another 15-20 degrees, the clip slipped through easily.

If you know a student or traveler who frequently ends up using their laptops in cafeterias or other public places, this would be a practical and well-made accessory.

MyMac Review Rating: 9 out 10


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