iOS 4.3.1 Stuttering Mea Culpa
Pocket Sized Podcast #11

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Scott thinks Contract Killers have a valuable place in the world, Peter has a new insight into NoteMinder’s Big Blue Button, and John’s World’s Shortest Review Cast is by the Book and in the Bag. Finally, Scott takes issue with iOS 4.3.1’s stuttering ways on his iPhone, and Peter reads the latest product order from our mail bag.

Contract Killer for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
NoteMinder for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
PhantomALERT for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Rickshaw Messenger Bag for iPad
iPhone Obsessed: Photo editing experiments with Apps

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2 thoughts on “iOS 4.3.1 Stuttering Mea Culpa
Pocket Sized Podcast #11

  1. Guys,
    Thanks for the review on NoteMinder. Just a few things, NoteMinder was developed originally as a note taking app to replace the way that many of us email to send reminder to ourselves on a daily basis. You know the drill, open mail, find your contact record, type your note, then press send. One morning at 3am I had one of my many thoughts that would change the world. I sent what I thought was a memo to myself and when I awoke I had a message with question marks, from another David in my address book. So…. I felt there could be a better way.

    What we designed is really a reminder application, not a note taking app that will slice your pizza and wash your car. We decided to do one thing and do it the best, help people remember their thoughts and easily find where there reminder was stores (now in your inbox, rather that having to remember which app you put your reminder in.

    OK the saga of the blue button….. The reason we made the blue button a press and hold and release to stop and send, was for people who are driving. We felt that people driving will use the app in one of two ways. If their phone is not in a cradle, they will probably use the shake feature so they wont be distracted. If the phone is in a cradle, we felt that pressing and holding the blue button and letting go stop and send, would be of less distraction than having to look at your phone again.

    I hope that gives you some insight as to the “why”. You have now made me look at adding a setting to give an option to one way or the other.

    I enjoy your podcast it is very informative and lite.

    Best regards,

    David Cornblatt

    AlchemAid, LLC

    Developers of NoteMinder and NoteMinder Lite

  2. David, thanks for your response. It does indeed help me understand the recording methodology. My only thought about it is that I find when an iPhone is docked in a cradle, having to keep a hand on it can be difficult as even small bumps will move the iPhone, which is essentially part of the vehicle at that point, differently than the hand, and contact will be lost.

    Thanks for the great reply! And for the app as well, Peter has been using it and enjoying it. Every now and then I get an email with a recording attached from him.

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