App Stores and ViPhones
MyMac Podcast 328

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A longer show than normal (normal being a relative term with the GMen) but filled with great stuff! We totally botch telling someone how to do a Nuke and Pave and can’t find a Spanish Dictation program to save our life. We LOVE the Mac App Store but have a very odd way of showing it, and talk about how the Verizon iPhone may be a big deal in the US, but it’s a been there and done that most other places.

The Macworld Expo is coming SOON and Tim and Guy will be on the Main Stage at 12 on Saturday the 29th of January! In the meantime start listening to Tim and Dave on the TechFan Podcast or ELSE!

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One thought on “App Stores and ViPhones
MyMac Podcast 328

  1. Stil a great show, don’t shorten it un-naturally (well no more un-natural than it already is!) The 2 of you have great chemistry and I would listen if it was longer. In AUS we have limited WiFi (as internet charges are based on download limits) so we rely on 3G when not at home. I know IOS 4.3 will have WiFi sharing, but if I share my iPhone connection the data costs me more (than a straight pre-paid data plan). Do you think its possible Apple may put 3G in the Macbook Air (MBA)? I luv my iPad, but it would make the MBA even more tempting! Also, which idiot in Apple decided we didn’t want the 4.3 gestures?

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