One Feature iOS is Missing

I love my iPad and I use it for many tasks that I would normally do on my computer. However, there is still one task I always have to go to the computer for. I can’t upload a file from my iPad to a website.

For example, I am typing this post on my iPad right now. If I want to upload an image to the article I can’t unless I go to my iMac. There are many times I need to upload something to a website and can’t do it because I am on my iPad. This might be for an article I am writing or another project I am working on.

Wouldn’t it be nice for those browse buttons on webpages could work and access the file system on the iPad? Or Dropbox?

I can’t think of many new features for the next version of iOS, but this is definitely on my wish list.

What features do you want in the iOS?

3 thoughts on “One Feature iOS is Missing

  1. This is solely because you change your web site by FTP. If you managed your web site with a simple built-in or online management app then you could make those changes without the need for old style FTP.

  2. I still maintain I’d like to see wireless data sync of apps, app data, maybe even wireless iOS updates and backup on wifi (although they’d surely make battery life non-existent).

    Notifications really need improved.

    The maps app included is falling behind what Google is shipping for Android.

    Also voice control/recognition in iOS is falling behind a bit.

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