iPhone 4 Portable Genius – Review

Book Review
iPhone 4 Portable Genius
by Paul McFedries
Price: $25.00 US $30.00 CAN
Wiley Books
ISBN 9780470642054

When one purchases a new iPhone, there are always those questions that begin to pop up in one’s mind; like how do I do this or that, is it just like the iPhone 3, is it better than my previous phone? That’s when the poser of the questions needs to consider bringing in an outside source of information to answer those question, like iPhone 4 Portable Genius.

The first thing that will strike you when you begin to read the book is that it is not written by someone who speaks only total geek. iPhone 4 Portable Genius is written in a clear, easy to read and to follow style, that guides you through the process of getting to know your iPhone. Starting with setting up your iPhone, the book takes you deeper into the ways of the iPhone; sounds, wallpaper, passwords, backing up, and getting new apps.

Mr. McFedries continues with the process, but he just doesn’t have long written passages, the book is chock full of graphics, pictures, highlighted points that continue to make learning the iPhone 4 simple and easy. Information provided ranges from the simple, “oh, I should have known that” to the more involved, “whoa, never would have thought of doing that.”

Perhaps the best way to describe this book is as a “How-to” especially since each chapter is entitled as; “How Do I Configure My iPhone? or “How Do I Maximize Email On My iPhone?” Mr. McFedries then proceeds to explain to the reader exactly “how-to” without being too technical. Here’s the breakdown for the book:.

Chapter 1: How Do I Configure My iPhone?

Chapter 2: How Do I Connect My iPhone to a Network?

Chapter 3: How Can I Get More Out of the Phone App?

Chapter 4: How Can I Make the Most of Web Surfing with My iPhone?

Chapter 5: How Do I Maximize E-mail on My iPhone?

Chapter 6: How Can I Take Control of Syncing My iPhone?

Chapter 7: How Can I Get More Out of My iPhone’s Audio Features?

Chapter 8: How Do I Max Out My iPhone’s Photo and Video Features?

Chapter 9: Can I Use My iPhone to Manage Contacts and Appointments?

Chapter 10: How Do I Use My iPhone to Navigate My World?

Chapter 11: How Do I Manage My eBook Library on My iPhone?

Chapter 12: How Do I Keep My Life In Sync with MobileMe?

Chapter 13: How Do I Fix My iPhone?

Now for some iPhone users, they may consider the book too basic; however, I would recommend that you check it out at your local bookstore and see for yourself. The one thing that may stop folks from buying is the price, but if you check around, you will find it for less.

All in all, I give the iPhone 4 Portable Genius book a My Mac rating of 8 out of a possible 10.

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