iPad Bubble Sleeve and Squish Skin Review

iPad Bubble Sleeve
SRP: $49.99
Squish Skin
SRP: $39.99

Company: Hard Candy Cases

Hard Candy Cases have carved a niche in the highly competitive area of iPad cases and skins. I had the opportunity to test two of their many protective products, the durable and colorful Bubble Sleeve and their silicone Squish Skin.

I gave the Bubble Sleeve a good workout on a recent road trip to San Diego. I was comfortable tossing the enclosed iPad onto the back seat of the car because of the type of protection the Bubble Sleeve offers. The case is made from EVO-foam with a soft interior lining. The exterior bubbles not only give the appearance of added protection, but they actually work. I believe anyone who gives their electronic devices a harder to usual workout would appreciate the durability of the iPad Bubble Sleeve.

Inside the Bubble Sleeve there are positionable rubber bumpers. The manufacturer calls these shock absorbers. I wondered why they were removable until I got the Squish Skin, then realized that the case is roomy enough to have the skin protection on the iPad and still fit into the Bubble Sleeve.

I was prepared not to like the Bubble Sleeve when I first saw it. I thought the Pink color was a bit garish and would attract unwanted attention in places where it would be sitting around on a table such as a coffee shop or school cafeteria. I also thought at the time, and I still do, that a case this rugged could easily be a stand alone case and some provision to carry the charger could be built in to it. A handle would be nice. I’ve since gotten over my initial dislike of the Pink color because my initial concern that it would attract unwanted attention has not proved to be the case, but still wish it had a charger pocket and a handle.

The Bubble Sleeve comes in three colors, Black, Pink and Gold/Green. The interior color of the Black is Orange, the interior color of the other two is Black. All have a sturdy zipper with rubberized pulls.

The iPad Squish Skin is lightweight protection for the iPad case made from silicone with air-filled chambers. The Skin allows full access to all ports and controls. It is easy to fit onto the iPad and it looks good once it is in place. In addition to the added protection it gives the case from scratches, it also allows the iPad to stay positioned on a flat surface. I use my iPad a lot in the kitchen because it gives me a handy way to look up recipes on the internet. I like to prop the iPad up for easy reading and the Squish Skin gives the iPad the traction needed in order not to slip and fall.

The Squish Skin is available in five colors: Black, Pink, Blue, Green and Orange. It also comes in clear.

Pros: The Hard Candy products I was furnished to test live up to the way they are advertised. The Bubble Sleeve may be a great product for people who transport their iPads in a more rugged manner, such as in a school backpack or anyplace it may get knocked around. The Squish Skin works well as protection and as stabilization. I didn’t try dropping my iPad while enclosed in either product but I imagine that these two products individually would offer good protection in a short fall. Chances of protection are even better when the products are used in conjunction of one another.

Cons: The Bubble Sleeve is so rugged it could be used as a standalone case, but there is no way to carry the charger along with the iPad. It could use a small handle.

Hard Candy Cases are well made products and function as advertised. While their fashion does not appeal to me particularly (I prefer a more sedate looking product) they certainly should appeal to a broad demographic. In this crowded market sector I believe an 8 out of 10 rating for these products rates them as above average in every way.

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  1. Does the iPad with the Squish Skin fit properly inside the bubble case? from your picture it looks like it might, but i want to be sure.


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