MyMac Podcast 289 – With BACON

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Gaz is on Vacation with his family so we bring long-time MyMac contributor Owen Rubin in for a really fun show. We go over the new MacBook Pros and discuss the iPhone OS4 announcements all with sound effects and BACON. Because everything is better with Bacon.

This is the last week for the MacAlley contest. You MUST get your entry into us before midnight EST on April 20th. US Residents only. Here are the great prizes that MacAlley is generously donating for our listeners.

Prize 1:
For the iPod and iPhone
PowerLink – Emergency Charger for iPhone/iPod w/2GB Flash Drive

Prize 2:
For the Mac
TuneFan – 2.1 Stereo Speakers With Subwoofer And Cooling Fan
Transcable – USB to USB Data Transfer cable

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