Colcasac iPad Sleeve – Review

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Colcasac iPad Sleeve
Company: Colcasac

Price: $34.95

One of the first things that comes to mind when you purchase your new iPad is how to protect it. The iPad is a thing of beauty, so anything you can do to minimize bumps and scratches is important. Colcasac has been making sleeves for MacBooks for awhile now, so it’s natural that they expand their lineup to include a sleeve for the iPad.

I was sent a Damask version of the iPad Sleeve for review purposes. The Damask is designed to be similar to the textiles produced by Damascus weavers and is lined with 100% polyester sherpa fleece. This design provides your iPad with a soft place to rest. The iPad Sleeve also comes in three other colors: black, passion vine, and red delicious.

The hand-made stitching of the Colcasac iPad Sleeve very good, with no loose threads anywhere in sight. A pocket has been sewn into the sleeve’s upper surface to store small accessories such as your AC charger and headphones. The closure flap folds securely over the sleeve’s opening, fastening in place with a strip of heavy duty Velcro. If your iPad sleeve gets dirty, a quick wash in the laundry should clean it up like new.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Colcasac iPad Sleeve will offer a lot of protection for your iPad from significant impacts on the screen or if it is dropped. However, it is well designed for keeping your iPad scratch free as you carry it around with you during your day to day activities. The synthetic fleece actually helps clean your greasy fingerprints off the screen as your carry it around — an added bonus!

The Colcasac iPad Sleeve is a stylish way to carry around your iPad and one that’s sure to generate comments from people as you sip your cappuccino at the local coffee shop, showing off your new iPad. Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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One thought on “Colcasac iPad Sleeve – Review

  1. You are so right, I have the Apple case for my iPad and it just adds so much bulk. I would love one of these ColcaSacs but I never got around to it. Thanks
    PS: I have some other good APPS from aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.

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