ColcaSac MacBook and iPhone Sleeves

ColcaSac MacBook and iPhone Sleeves

Company: ColcaSac
Price: $34.95

The ColcaSac is definitely different from most if not all of the sleeves on the market. It is very simple in design. Utilizing 18.5 oz basketweave hemp canvas and 100% polyester sherpa fleece, The ColocaSac follows the same design ethos as the other products within the ColcaSac product line, simplicity and style.

The ColcaSac MacBook sleeves (the brown ColcaSac and red Red Delicious shown above), bring together a nice combination of style and functionality. With the inclusion of a utility pocket on the front of the sleeves, one can use the ColcaSac as a standalone sleeve for that quick Starbucks run. Just throw your power adapter in the front pocket, slide in your MacBook, and you’re off.

The absence of any ridged protective materials provides a little more flexibility in terms of packing your MacBook in your favorite bag or backpack. However, there is a downside to this flexibility (more on this later).

Like the MacBook sleeves, the iPhone sleeve is simple and basic in its design and implementation. Simply slide your precious iPhone into the fleece lined sleeve and toss (well maybe not toss) your precious into your bag, backpack, or even purse.

I like the overall design of the ColcaSac product line. I am definitely one who likes to stand out from the crowd. When using the products as I was out and about, there were many head turns and a couple of inquiries. Additionally, I like the use of some natural materials within this product. Hey, every drop in the conservation bucket will eventually fill that bucket.

If you are someone who likes to place his or her aluminum clad fruit into a sleeve that will provide maximum protection against dropping etc., then this is not the sleeve for you. However, if you would like to protect your MacBook or iPhone against scratches and those accidental bumps while standing out from the crowd, then the fine products from ColcaSac will fit the bill nicely.

Additionally, in terms of manufacturing and materials, the products I received were well made and the materials were well above par. I give ColcaSac high marks for the design and implementation of these products.

I found the ColcaSacs designed for my MacBook Air to fit nicely. The diminutive laptop from Apple fit snugly into the pocket and with the top flap closed, the product presented a great fit and finish. I was able to easily slide the MacBook cradling sleeve into my backpack and go on my merry way.

Once at my destination, the local Starbucks watering hole, I pulled my ColcaSac adorned MacBook out for all the world to see. As I stated before, the ColcaSac does cause quite a stir. I found this to be desirable and even fun.

I was a little nervous using the ColcaSac due to the lack of ridged protection. As someone who has watched in horror as my PowerBook fell to the floor and subsequently sported a dent to always remind me of the pitfalls of going commando (protectively speaking), I felt myself being overly careful while using the ColcaSac. I would like to see ColcaSac add a little more protection to this product. After all, one of the purposes for a sleeve is protection.

As stated above, I would like to see ColcaSac add a little more protection to their protective sleeve. Maybe something semi-ridged in the corners to provide a little more shock absorption. With a little more protection combined with the stand out looks of the ColcaSac, I think this would be a winning combination. Review Rating:
The MacBook and iPhone sleeves from ColcaSac are well designed and manufactured products. They are wonderful examples of how to maintain simplicity in design while achieving a high level of style in the marketplace. Color me a fan of the overall design of these trendy Apple sacs. However, I would like to see a little more protection for my precious pieces of silicone injected fruit. Therefore, I am awarding the ColcaSac MacBook and iPhone sleeves an outstanding rating of 9 out of 10 in our Rating System.

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