GR8 In-Ear Headphones – Review

I spent the last four afternoons outside in the late-winter sun of southern Arizona, evaluating GR8 while listening to dozens of free Amazon download tracks in a wide array of musical styles. The sound is immersive, placing my hearing senses fully and exclusively within the headphones’ immediate performance space.

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Transfer LP records to your computer

A friend recently gave me some LP records, some of which were still sealed in shrink wrap. Since they were in excellent condition, I decided to transfer them to my computer using my USB turntable and Audio Hijack Pro, an excellent $32 program from Rogue Amoeba

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The Little Digital Video Book – Review

When it comes to getting a digital video camera, you typically come about it in one of two ways. Either someone gave it to you as a gift, or you just bought it because your old one just broke. But in both cases, you probably obtained it just a few short days before you actually need to use it. Sadly, these cameras are a bit more complex than you typically expect, and you are not going to have those 3 to 4 weeks you need to figure out how it works. So what do you do?

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MyMac Podcast 278 – Flying Solo

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David is all alone and does a short, solo show – a reminder about our Macworld Expo plans and complains about the Internet!

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Macworld Expo
Join the MyMac crew in San Francisco for a listener reader meet-up just before Macworld Expo commences. Wednesday 10th February at 3pm outside Moscone Center West, corner of 4th and Howard Street, San Francisco.

Join the MyMac Podcast at Macworld Expo on Thursday February 11th 2010 at 4.30pm at the Macworld Main Stage

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