Zaum bag – Review

Zaum bag
Company: Zaum Lab
Price: $150.00

Disappointed with your unluxurious Christmas pajamas? Wish you could trade it in for sleek yet useful gear? Wait no more: we’ve got the perfect new-year’s-resolution-thing gone useful-gift-to-yourself. Meet the Zaum bag. Finally a messenger bag true and tested that marries amazing design to durability and sustainability.

The design: completely amazing. Every piece is handmade (You read it. Hand. Made.) to completely unique color and attention-getting combinations that’ll set you apart uptown or downtown. The outside colors are complemented by a sometimes unsuspected inside pattern (hint: the pattern can be seen in the little outside circle) which is also used for the included protective laptop pouch. In fact the design is so outstanding and quirky we really think it belongs in a museum (if in doubt on this statement, watch the attached video).

Down-to-earth usability: this modern design is intriguingly practical and well thought out. The outside leather-looking material is waterproof to keep your oh-so-needed meeting notes safe from global warming; oh bonus, its leather looks are actually vinyl for an eco-friendly flair. You’d think the square flap sticking out would curl over time? We discovered it sports a hidden magnet at the edge of the flap to keep it in place at all times. Always pack pens, iPod, cell phone? Worry not, this true to its name messenger bag comes with outside zipper and inside pockets for all the must-needs while you’re on the go.

Could be improved: the magnet in front is very easy to clip on, which unfortunately means it’s also very easy to unclip when the bag is full.

Recommendation: either wait til Zaum lab attaches a heftier magnet on there, or just don’t pack it as tight as Mariah Carey’s 1990 bikini on her 2009 body. Other improvement: the shoulder strap could use a little more padding, that is, until macbook airs actually become as light as air. Recommendation: swap the notebook for the notepad, unless you’re signed up for weekly shoulder massages.
Conclusion: a must have to an eco-friendly, chic-looking, one-of-a-kind gift to yourself you’ll want to keep (and use) for years to come.

MyMac rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

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