Update to Snow Leopard

I had picked up my copy of Snow Leopard yesterday afternoon from the Apple Store closest to me. The store was really busy and the sales staff advised that sales of SL were brisk.

I took my time in checking last night as to what apps had already been made 10.6 compatible and updated the ones on my MacBook to the newer versions. I had previously upgraded my MacBook when I first got it from 1 gig of ram to 4 gigs of ram. Two weeks ago I upgraded my hard drive to a 500 gig hard drive. (took all of 10 minutes to get the old one out and the new one in)

This morning I made sure that I backed up my hard drive again using both TimeMachine and SuperDuper. Once I verified that the external HD would boot successfully if anything went wrong, I inserted the Snow Leopard disk. What a difference from previous installs. I selected to customize my install, not needing all the additional language capabilities and choosing to install Rosetta as it is such a small item. Not having to start up from the install disk, click on Install and away it went.

Within the space of one hour, I had my MacBook and fully upgraded to 10.6. So far I’m really liking what I’m seeing. Safari is definitely flying now, and I previously had updated to 4.0.3 in 10.5.8 but found it sluggish. Right now I’m running through my apps checking to see if I have any issues I may have missed but even my Photoshop Elements 6 is running great, faster than it had been.

Well worth the $30. Will keep checking and update if I encounter any problems. Good luck!

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