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Time for Some Downloads


Last time I did a download article I mentioned that good free downloads (for my use) had been few and far between. However, I’ve been downloading a bunch of new free apps and utilities lately. Here’s some of them (ALL FREE!).

Avery Design Pro

This is Avery’s new Mac software package for printing to their labels, cards, etc. It is full of templates and much better than their old software for the Mac (which for some reason was only available on the Avery UK site). It even has Quicklook support.


I’ve been reviewing a lot of 2D animation software lately. In fact, I have two more reviews coming this month. For those that want to dabble in animation without paying any money Pencil is a great free animation program. It is still in beta, but worth checking out.


If you like using the special effects in iChat and Photo Booth this is a free collection of 48 more effects you can install.


Do you use smileys in you chats? Want more variety? The same company that makes the effects for iChat makes this program that install more iChat faces including aliens and more.

Open Office 3.0 Beta

Open Office is not new. It is the free suite of utilities that is comparable to Microsoft Office. What is new is that version 3.0 has been released in beta form and it is OSX native. This means no need to run X11 (I still don’t fully understand what that is) in order to run Open Office.

and finally…


While I was writing this article on my iBook I was taking icon screen shots, which save to .png format by default. I knew I changed that to .jpg on my iMac, but I could not remember how or where. I did a search in Google and stumbled on this little program that lets you change the default screen shot format to .jpg, .tif, .pdf, and others.

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