Introducing Rapid Repair for iPod and iPhone

Introducing Rapid Repair for iPod and iPhone
Company: Rapid Repair

Tales from the PodCrypt! Return of the Living DeadPods! The iPhone Ranger Rides Again! These stories and others too amazing to describe are yours to experience when you boldly go where no CroakedPod has ever ventured —!

When the nice people from Rapid Repair, a new service in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, asked MyMac if we were interested in learning more about the company, most staff members yawned, and asked, “What’s the big deal, Nemo, because you send them a broken iPod and they fix it, right?” Right, but nobody else from our staff took the next step. Enter Nemo, from rear of stage.

• One of my best consulting clients, Paul, had recently completed a difficult journey to Asia, without any trouble from his video iPod. Upon return to the United States, he stopped at a motel in California for the night, on the way back to Arizona from Los Angeles. Paul set his iPod down on a luggage cart, and watched it slip to the ground when the cart started rolling. Smack! Cracked display. Useless iPod. Stow it in a suitcase, and ask Nemo’s advice before replacing it.

• A colleague, David, had used his 4th generation 20GB iPod until it stopped working, which was when he became an iPhoniac. He donated the expired iPod to my tutorial and review gear collection. I removed the hard drive and used it to test a WiebeTech adapter, which worked fine.This iPod was in a dozen pieces, and looked very neglected sitting on the far corner of my desk.

I sent both broken iPods to Rapid Repair at my own $10 expense, in my own packaging, for a free evaluation. In two days I received the following email:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hello John,
As we discussed, our technicians have diagnosed your iPods.

iPod Video – this unit has a cracked LCD, most likely due to dropping/impact damage. It is fully functional after replacing the LCD.

iPod 4th generation – this unit had no battery included with it. It is fully functional otherwise, but does have a slow-failure Hard Drive (loud motor, usually due to age and normal use), and we recommend replacing it.

The cost for these repairs would be as follows:

iPod 4th generation:
20GB Hard Drive – $99.99 – optional
Xtended life battery – $10 (discounted)

iPod Video:

LCD screen – $40 (discounted)

Total: $149.99 (with optional component)

Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may complete your order.

Thank you and have a good day,

John Knuth
Lead Technician
Quick Tech LLC

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The $40 LCD screen for an iPod Video was a screaming deal. Over $100 to revive a 20GB legacy discontinued model was of questionable value, but worth pursuing for our comprehensive evaluation. I said GO AHEAD, and three days later a plain brown wrapper appeared with both working iPods, plus an additional $10 shipping fee.

I took Paul’s video iPod to his house, and he was overjoyed, elated, and extremely happy, to say the least. I loaded David’s 20GB iPod with over 2,000 songs, in preparation for a long driving trip, and have used it every day since then, without a burp or a bump in the iPod highway.

MyMac is very impressed with the speed, efficiency, and proficiency of Rapid Repair. We recommend this company without any hesitation. They help you decide if the repairs are sensible and of good value, with honesty and integrity.

I hope you never need *any* repair service, but many of you will have to take the plunge. We have not evaluated competitive companies, so do your homework. Rapid Repair is impressive, and deserves your consideration.

Now it’s time to get back to my trax. Where did I set that 20GB iPod?

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