Iraq: It’s All About Geography

It is absolutely amazing to me that not one journalist has hit upon the basic reason why we really invaded Iraq. It’s a simple case of political geography. Take out a map of the area. On the left side you will see Isreal and above them, Syria, a sponsor of the Hezbollah terrorist organization among others. To the right lays Iraq, covered by the U.S. Army. Farther right is Iran, a twisted, limited democracy controlled by hardline Islamic clergy consumed by power more than faith. Iran is a known sponsor terrorism and hiding place for terrorists. On top of that is their pursuit of nuclear weapons cloaked under the guise of nuclear power. Finally, to the top right is Afghanistan, under the military watch of US Army.

All this adds up to a classic squeeze play by the United States under the Bush Administration. Invading Iraq was done out of sheer convience with a built-in excuse, Saddam’s blantant standoff with the UN gave Bush all the reason he needed to invade. The results of the invasion are clear: Syria has quietly let Hezbollah know it needs to cool it with homicide bombers as it fears the 1st Armored Divison will destroy President/Dictator Assad’s regime. Iran, fearing a combination of our armed forces and more importantly, CIA supported student uprisings on a massive scale have agreed to unfettered access of their nuclear program by the UN and nuclear watch dog organizations.

With one bold move, the Bush administration has corraled two of President Bush’s “Axis of Evil”.

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