How do I blog thee

Here’s a tip for all you Mac users that have your own blog access, whether it be as a writer for or some other ezine or web hosted service; particularly if it accepts html in the body of the blog.

Open AppleWorks, start a new document. Type it the way you want; adding style as you think best; create the live links as needed with either the link button in the main toolbar or from the Format–>Create Link–>Internet menu action. Check your spelling when done. Save your document to be safe. Then ‘Save As’ and change the output to html in the File Format popup button. I save mine to the desktop, usually, since once I’m done, it’s trashed.

Now find that document, (mine is called ‘blog.html’; clever, aren’t I?), and drag it to your AppleWorks icon or however you choose to open the sucker in AW, and you’ll see the html code you created. Select the portion BETWEEN the <BODY> and </BODY>; it probably starts with a <P> and ends with a </P>, copy that to the clipboard, and paste it into the blog form window in your browser to submit/update your blog. Submit and you should see the output in your browser similar to what you created in the original AppleWorks document.

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