Decorating and Wal Mart rage

The decorating and shopping are all done now. I managed to save the Christmas tree by adding green mini-lights strung inbetween the strands of poinsettia lights. It looks very nice. I didn’t hang ornaments this year. I added white and gold tinsel to cover the green light strands on the tree.

The outside lights are simple. Just fake greenery hung on the fence, with white lights and red bows. It is tastefully understated.

The local Ben Franklin didn’t have what we needed to finish the decorating, so on Sunday we drove to our local Wal Mart. I avoid Wal Mart as much as I can, but sometimes you just have to give in and go.

As we were leaving, a lady drove up in her Toyota Winnebago and sat waiting. The car parked next to us, a BMW (that’s Big Mormon Wagon), was being loaded with packages and a bicycle by two men. The men shut the rear door and started to walk away. The lady yelled at them, wanting to know if they were leaving. They weren’t. The lady then shouted at them, indicating her displeasure at them for inconveniencing her, as she was waiting for a large parking spot close to the entrance of the store.

My husband and I got in our car and were preparing to drive away when the lady in the Winnebago came back around and parked in the yellow zone at the end of the parking lane. I remarked to my husband that people who drove big rigs like that could park anywhere. Then he and I discusses the merits of the Toyota Winnebago versus other, larger motorhomes. I was pointing at the vehicle, (rude, I know, some habits die hard) mentioning the nice lines and the cabover sleeper. My husband also made a remark about the vehicle, gesturing with his hands. I then started the car and began backing out of my space.

“Hey, you!” I looked up and saw the lady approaching. She made a gesture for me to roll down the window. I complied. She stuck her head right up next to me and yelled, “My car gets broken into a lot, OK? So THAT’s why I parked it there. Mind your own goddam business!” She huffed off.

My husband and I giggled like two little kids caught with contraband cookies. Then we went home and I finished decorating the tree.

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