American Fireworks in Afganistan

A BBC Report Click Here

Acting on “”extensive intelligence” the US military dropped an ariel bomb on a house in Afganistan killing nine children. The pinpoint accuracy did manage to kill one alleged bad guy too.

At a ratio of 9:1, we Americans just have to be willing to make these sacrifices for the good of democracy. Let me see..what was my sacrifice again? Oh yes, I have to keep my mouth shut, my eyes closed, my ears covered, and my attention elsewhere. Otherwise, the “extensive intelligence” of the al Qaeda network will defeat us.

I sure do hope that their Muslim parents wil forgive us, and turn the other cheek. Afterall, we wouldn’t want them to hold us responsible for the sacrifices we made to kill them.

Since I am on the subject of war. The President sent James Baker to Iraq to work out the details of how Iraq is going to repay its debt to the U.S. Gee, isn’t that what we did to Germany after WWI? We forced them to pay for their liberation, fertilized the ground with resentment, and then were shocked that extermist views took root.

It is too bad that all our “extensive intelligence” can’t see the forest from the tree. We need a worldwide Jubilee.

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