I finally touched an iTouch

I was in the vicinity of an Apple store yesterday which doesn’t happen much in NH.
I went right to the iPod section and there was a row of about 7 shiny, gleaming iTouch iPods on one table. Across the aisle was another half dozen classic iPods.
The iTouch is REALLY thin. I’d read that it was pretty thin, but I was surprised at just how thin it was. Naturally, the display items in the store were not exhibiting any of the flaws the first batch of iTouchs’ had with the dark screen problem.
I must say, I was impressed.
The screen clarity was great and the movie playing on it played flawlessly.
Then I stepped across the aisle and grabbed the Classic iPod. I started running the same movie on that, then reached across the aisle and stretched the cables holding them down as far as they would go and compared the two.
I’m no youngster any more, and while I don’t wear glasses, my eyesight ain’t what it used to be. I thought the Classic screen, while certainly crystal clear, was too small for me to view comfortably. Forget the Nano. I’d need a magnifying glass to watch a movie on that screen, with a bottle of Excedrin for the headaches.
Then I fired up Safari and browsed the web. It certainly was clever of Apple to set up the iTouch so you can zoom in on a web page to read it.
Not sure how much surfing I’d do with it, but it could easily come in handy at times.

I wish it had mail and a functional calendar.

Not that I NEED those things, but would be nice functionality.

So, here I am with the full price for the 16GB model, in cash, in my pocket.

Did I buy one?

I reached down and felt the wad of cash in my pocket….but it stayed there.
I didn’t buy one…..yet.

Why not?

Well, for several reasons…

1) I try NOT to buy first gen anything…yeah I do sometimes.
2) I wish it had more memory. A 32GB model would have been hard to pass up.
3) As stated above, I wish it had email and a full functional calendar.
4)Not really sure how I’d use it right now. I’m still using my iPod mini (yeah you read that right) for my commute. However, once I start traveling on biz again, that might be the straw that will break the camels back.

Of course, the rumor mills talk about an Apple sub-portable or a real PDA type unit. Frankly I’d rather buy one of those if they really popped up.

So here I sit, with a wad of cash, burning a hole in my pocket.

What’s an Apple Geek to do??

What do you think?

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