Macspiration 100

When I thought about what I should do for Macspiration 100 I though about making a list off 100 links, or 100 terms, or asking readers to pick your favorite articles from the past two years (WOW!). In the end I decided to pick ten of my favorite articles.

In picking the articles I gave myself some rules. I was looking for articles that had uncommon tips. I wasn’t looking for the “burning a CD” article, or the “changing icons” article. I wanted to find ten articles that cover more uncommon topics. I also tried to pick older articles. Why list something that was posted in the last month? I wanted something that might be off the radar.

So, without further ado, here’s ten of my favorite Macspiration articles, in no particular order.

• Macspiration – Three MORE Things A Switcher Should Know
Monday, 09/19/05

• Three Things a Switcher Should Know
Tuesday, 09/13/05

The unofficial first Macspiration and the official first Macspiration. These articles still have relevant info that can help a switcher from Windows to Mac.

• Macspiration 21 – Quick Image Editing In Preview
Monday, 02/06/0

• Macspiration 22 – Four More Hidden Preview Tricks
Monday, 02/13/06

Many people don’t realize that Preview is a basic image editor that comes free in OSX. Here’s some tips in these Macspirations that show you how to use these features.

• Macspiration 36 – Refurbished Macs and the Verbose Mode Dilemma
Monday, 05/22/06

This Macspiration article talks about, what seemed to be for me, a common issue in refurbed Macs and how to solve it.

• Macspiration 38 – Installing Fonts with Font Book
Monday, 06/05/06

If you want some more Fonts in your arsenal this Macspiration tells you how to install them.

• Macspiration 48 – Avoiding The DSL Installation Disaster
Monday, 08/21/06

Getting DSL installed in your house or office? This Macspiration might help you out.

• Macspiration 52 – The Dead Ethernet Jack Solution for Under $30
Tuesday, 09/19/06

This is one of my favorite articles, and I’ve received several emails telling me that it has helped some of you out. If your ethernet jack is dead here’s a cheap solution for you.

• Macspiration 56 – URL Shortening
Tuesday, 10/17/06

Do you send links in emails and have the recipient tell you that the link is broken? Here’s a potential solution to that problem.

• Macspiration 62 – Expose and a Click-Wheel Mouse
Tuesday, 11/28/06

This article explains how to use the click-wheel on your third party mouse to activate Expose.

So, there you have it. With Leopard on its way, and the new iWorks and new iLife I’m sure there are another 100 Macspirations sitting out there.

Thanks for reading and keep the emails/comments coming!

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